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 Acting Essentials

Explore the Depths of the Art of Acting

alongside Víctor Maraña

Tue 6:30pm / Thur 11am (2hrs30min) In person sessions. 

1735, W 70th, Los Angeles, CA.

Try a free session with promo code: Spring24

Holistic Training:

Anyone can become a good actor but just few actors can become true artists.

Truthful performances can only occur when every element of an actor's instrument and craft is thoroughly honed, when actors are fully open to inspiration and fiction in embracing their entire beings.

This is why our sessions are focused on conditioning every aspect of our instruments: our body/voice, emotional availability, script analysis skills, character development, and On-Camera presence. We analyze and study specific acting techniques from Grotowski to Stanislavski and Strasberg to Adler.

Our work is always informed by texts from canonical playwrights and screenwriters.

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Class Structure:

Every class starts with an emotional, vocal, and physical warm-up to prepare our instruments for the creative process. These warm-ups are drawn from practitioners-ensembles that have extensively studied the actor's instrument. We explore exercises from Peter Brook's "Bouffes du Nord," Barba's "Odin Teatrert," Kristin Linklater, Augusto Boal's "Theatre of the Oppressed," Cicely Berry, Strasberg, among others.

The second part of the session focuses on practicing specific acting techniques to create characters, analyze texts, connect with partners, and be present and grounded during scenes. This acting preparation is based on techniques from Stanislavski, Strasberg, Hagen, Adler, Mendoza, and other post-Stanislavski practitioners.

In the third part of the session, we pair up to work on a scene (sometimes a monologue) previously assigned to actors. Actors will then devise said scenes/monologues and create compelling characters using the tools learned during the first and second parts of class. The objective is for the actor to learn how to direct their own performances and find truth in fiction through multidimensional characters.

In the final part of the session, actors showcase their work to the class and receive constructive feedback to improve their performances.

Try a free session with promo code: Spring24

Personalized Training 

Most acting classes will have you sit down for 90% of the class while you watch your colleagues work. I believe, from experience, that actors cannot improve by mostly watching others. Acting is an experiential art. We need to act in order to learn how to act.

Our sessions are radically different as actors are working and practicing their craft for most of the class.

We also always cap our sessions at 10 actors so you have quality time while working with your partners.

Flexible Scheduling 

Being a working actor is challenging. At times, committing to an entire program or paying for a whole month in advance to hone your craft may not be feasible.

That's why we offer you the flexibility to enroll in single sessions or pay weekly. This way, you can pursue your acting career without it becoming an additional source of pressure in your daily life.

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More than an acting class

Actors need more than just training to have a successful career. Apart from offering world-leading training, we strive to create a community of like-minded people who can ignite and inspire each other.

Throughout the month, we organize different activities like:

  • Casting Directors / Agents Workshops (with discounted rates for students)

  • "Business of Acting" workshops (Free for all students)

  • Invitations to theatre shows

  • Acting Workshops featuring special guests (with discounted rates for students)

  • Conversations with SAG-AFTRA actors (10 dollars for students)

  • Community events to network build relationships with your fellow classmates (Free for students and invitees)."


Try a free session with promo code: Spring24

About me

My acting and teaching artist career has expanded over two decades.

My training has taken place at prestigious schools such as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the University of Exeter in the UK, the Center for the Use of Voice in Mexico City, the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico, and several renowned studios focused on On-Camera work in Chicago and Los Angeles.

I am the former artistic director of The Performing Arts Studio in Chicago, where I helped numerous actors start their careers, book gigs, and get represented by agents.

Given the nature of my eclectic training, I believe that actors should immerse themselves in as many techniques as possible and draw from them to create their own methodology. Therefore, my pedagogy offers an array of varied techniques for actors to explore and choose from, depending on what works best for them. We are complicated and unique beings; therefore, I believe there cannot be a one-size-fits-all method for everyone.

The approach I take when teaching is based on what I have learned works best for actors in the middle of the creative process. I teach through positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. One of my main goals as a teaching artist is to create self-confident actors who can trust their instincts and their process.

I strongly believe that, with the right direction, we can all become great actors, that mistakes are just stepping stones to becoming better at what we do, and that we are all born with the capacity of becoming skillfull artists.

I like to lead sessions with joy and wonder because I believe that in order to create art, we must always find enjoyment in what we are creating.

Student's Testimonials

Dennis Garcia (Chicago P.D., Barrio Boy, Chicago Med, Soul Sessions, Chicago Justice.)

"Víctor is an amazing coach. I highly recommend him for your audition needs. I had a last minute audition that was bilingual (English and Spanish) and Víctor help me feel confident with the material. It’s hard to find bilingual coaches and Victor is my go to. I’ve been a professional actor for over 10 years and I always seek a coach that will help me level up. Víctor is that coach!".

Rinska Carrasco (61st Street, Cherry, Chicago P.D., Chi-Raq, Divergent)

Working with Victor has been a tremendous experience. Not only has it helped me pay attention to the way I take care of my voice and the way I enunciate my words, but it has led me to look at things differently than I had in the past.  I feel more confident after working with him. His expertise in a variety of Spanish dialects and accents has proven invaluable. He pays super attention to detail and his extremely thorough. He’ll know immediately in which areas you can use help".

Debbie Baños (Chicago Fire, A Place to Be)

"Victor is my go-to Spanish dialect coach! He is extremely helpful when I’m auditioning in Spanish or with a Spanish language dialect. And on top of that he is an excellent acting coach! When I work with Victor my work is heart felt and specific. I highly recommend Victor".

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Try a free session with promo code: Spring24

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