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Acting Reviews

"Marana offers the most intriguing of the four performances, thoughtful and multi-layered acting conveying a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders". 

Phil Potempa - NWI Times (My Mañana Comes)

"Víctor Maraña, as Jorge, captures respect, admiration, and pity for his character through his humble demeanor and accented, broken diction".

August Lycy - Chicago Critic (My Mañana Comes)

"Marana and Knight are especially empathetic actors who've forged rich characters".

Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune (My Mañana Comes) 

"Throughout the show Maraña and Knight wonderfully encapsulate the sacrifices, anger and frustration good people—both immigrants and citizens—are faced with in contemporary American society".

Mary Kroeck - NewCity Stage (My Mañana Comes)

"As Dad, handsome Victor Marana steps into his first, auspicious Steep role. Judging from this topnotch performance as a man harboring some deep, dark secrets and feelings, this won’t be the last time audiences will see Mr. Marana".

Colin Douglas - Chicago Theatre Review (Leopard Play)

"In a uniformly strong cast, Brandon Rivera glows as the torn, soulful and defiant Son. Victor Maraña also gives a moving performance as Dad".

Nancy Bishop - Third Coast Review (Leopard Play)


"...Luis ( powerful performance by Victor Marana) who is the “leader” of this trio who have become “familia” in many ways".

Alan Bresloff - Around the Town Chicago (American Jornalero)

"Peter DeFaria and Anthony Irons are excellent as George and Steve; so are Victor Maraña and Dennis García as the antic line cooks".

Albert Williams - Chicago Reader (How to Use a Knife)

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