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Drama Students

In-depth Acting Training 

Holistic Approach

I am of the believe that to be a good actor one must train many different parts of oneself. As athletes, actors should be training all these parts constantly. In our sessions, we don't just sit down most of the time and act a scene for 15 minutes. In each class you will be able to train your body/voice, emotional availability, script analysis, character development, on camera skills, and truley explore your craft. We will also analize others work and study different acting techniques together.

Every class starts with a mental, vocal and physical warm up to get your instrument ready for a creative process. We then explore specific acting techniques to enhance our toolkit and become resourceful when approaching a character. Once we have exercised those techniques we gather in groups to work a text (scene or monologue) given priorly to actors. Actors will device their scene, create their characters and rehearse it to be shown to the group. 

Single Session

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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